i.con. innovation - the innovation engineers

i.con. innovation is specialized in supporting technology-orientated companies, entrepreneurs, research organisation and public institutions in their strategy building, planning, process implementation and framework creation to successfully develop and accomplish innovation - Europe wide.

For this we provide our competence and experience in the management of innovation processes and individual projects, in the marketing of new technologies to the point of safeguarding the innovation funding with public subsidies or venture capital.

Our expertise combines technological understanding with economic practice. Based on this interdisciplinary knowledge we analyse and evaluate technologies and the clients' potential to innovate, develop strategies and new business models, plan innovation processes and accelerate the realisation of concrete economic success. And our efficient innovation network supports your marketing throughout Europe.

We see ourselves as partners of our clients. Thus we are flexibly adapting our services to meet our clients' specific needs. In performing a consulting contract, our experts do not only bring in high qualification and    long-standing experience but also attach great importance to integrity and commitment, because human factors are equally important to successful project implementation. Our clients from small and medium as well as major enterprises, or from research and public administration are confirming our high committment with sustainable, trustful cooperation.


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