Measuring Innovation Success

The innovation process itself certainly has to be measurable. Entrepreneurs, employees and - if involved - lead customers permanently have to be informed about the development stage of the innovation project including the planning of milestones, tests, customer surveys and the time budget, just to name a few. Innovation controlling in this case serves not only as a monitoring and early-warning system but also as motivation. The controlling tools do not have to be very complex or rich in formulas but rather simple, helpful, contemporary and true. The critical question is: Is the current status of the innovation process in accordance with the innovation strategy.
As measurements temporal and financial resources, the IPR situation, feddback of clients, reports or laboratory tests or the prototype functionalities - amongst others - may serve. It is essential that there is a continuous communication with other company departments like e.g. marketing or sales, with clients and project partners and that feedback, hints and critical issues are actively obtained and considered. For a basic assessment of the current situation our customers can make use of the European benchmarking instrument "IMP3rove"

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