Results from external research usually require specific "packaging" solutions to facilitate their take up by an industrial user. Such packaging of research results into products or services is highly critical for the rapid success of a technology exchange project.
"Packaging" of research results includes for instance experimental or simulation data giving proof of viability, operating parameters that have been tested, designs and mock-ups that can be inspected, IP rights, and the more. Most often before any commercialisation decision can be taken, there is also a need to define how the new product or service can be marketed and a business plan for a proper implementation.
Greenovate! Europe has particular expertise in developing technology packages ready for acquisition, reducing the risks inherited otherwise in unspecified technology transfer.

Spinning-in new ventures

Spinning-in means knowledge acquisition through corporate venturing, i.e. strategic investment in spin-offs from universities and research institutions.
The entrepreneurial teams driving a start-up company usually combine advanced technology know how with a high motivation to succeed; completion of a technology development is therefore often achieved significantly faster and more efficiently than in a larger organisation. The corporate investor on the other hand will contribute his knowledge of market needs and access to customers. As a sole investor, he can guide the strategic orientation and the technology development. Or one may opt for reducing the investment risk through co-venturing with institutional venture capital.

  • To assess the commercial potential: Business opportunity; European market appraisal using the G!E network of experts
  • to develop the commercialisation concept: Business model; Entrepreneurial & managerial team capabilities; Economic feasibility
  • To prepare a coherent business plan and solid financial plan

The cornerstone of starting up a new venture is to create a convincing business model, and in particular in B2B markets the efficient Value Creation is the key success factor in this process.

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