Recycling and resource efficiency in manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry, recycling and resource efficiency can unlock large potential for innovation, growth and higher profitability. Today, on average, material consumption accounts for over 40% of operating costs in a medium-sized manufacturing company. When adding electricity, waste and wastewater treatment to the bill, material costs account for nearly 50% of all costs compared to an average of 20% for personnel costs.
Major gains can be achieved tackling recycling and resource efficiency at three key levels of innovation: process efficiency, product design and value chain optimisation.

The European innovation project REMake aims to design, implement and test a novel scheme to support eco-innovation in the manufacturing industry including fabricated metal products, plastic products, surfaces finishing, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic equipments.

The REMake consortium has been organised as a public private partnership comprising. 


Coordinator: ZVO (Zentralverband Oberflächentechnik)

Project coordinator: Uwe König

Duration: 01.09.09-31.08.12 




Udo Sievers
Dr. Klaus Teichmann 


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