Our service offer is structured into four activity fields. In each of these fields we provide experienced experts and effective tools for your innovation processes:

Innovation Engineer - engineering your innovation processes

Our innovation engineers help you in the well-directed development of innovative products, production techniques, organisational procedures and services to sustainably improve your business success. This requires a systematic innovation management which is being understood as a core business process, beginning with the definition of strategic innovation goals through idea generation up to concrete project planning, efficient project management and the successful market introduction.

Open Innovation - efficently implementing collaborative innovation

Open Innovation is about how to systematically include external partners in your own innovation process to reduce risks, limit costs and increase the success of an innovation project. Innovative clients and suppliers, research institutes, experts of other sectors and specialised innovation service provider will give you market orientation, evaluate technology objectives, work our cost-efficient solutions to problems, share risks and costs of long term development, facilitate industrial testing and shorten the time-to-market of innovations. For effective support in the Open Innovation process we maintain a comprehensive, interdisciplinary network with very different types of organisations, ranging from companies and research institutes through industrial associations up to public and private funding institutions and international IPR lawyers. Probelm analysis, technology evaluation, commercial explitation of research results and the systematic utilisation of spin-off processes in conjunction with the provision of venture capital are core elements of our service.

To guarantee an internationally competitive standard of our service, together with leading European partners we have established Greenovate! Europe – Open Innovation for sustainable business. Greenovate! Europe is a leading European Open Innovation network with a central office in Brussels offering all elements of the Open Innovation process.

Capital for Innovation - financing innovation projects and new companies

Financing innovation bei t for individual innovation projects of established companies or the start-up of a new technology-based firm as Spin-off or Joint Venture, is going to be an ever more important element in the innovation process. In Capital for Innovation, we provide experts with many years of experience in the fields of equity financing and public research and innovation funding schemes. Based on over 20 years of successful cooperation with private investors and public funding bodies, we have excellent contacts to almost every relevant institution in this field as well as many angel investors. For the Business Angel Forum Stuttgart we are active as a clearing house for new projects.

Innovation Policy - improving framework conditions for innovation

In the innovation policy field we conduct research projects, studies, development of regional and sector-specific innovation networks and other activities to improve the promotion of and the framework conditions for innovation for public and private clients. This includes industrial associations, research institutes, regional economic development agencies, state and federal ministries up to the European Commission and other international bodies.

Member of GREENOVATE! Europe - Open Innovation for sustainable business



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