Strategic Analysis

Our strategic analysis has four main elements:

  • Analysis of innovation capabilities to explore specific dimensions of performance. We identify gaps versus best practices and provide tentative architecture options for new processes and organisational forms to close the gaps.
  • Competitive analysis & market intelligence to monitor the attractiveness of your industry in terms of market opportunities and competitors' weaknesses, the role of customers and users in the innovation process, and the potential for creative business models. We define key requirements to develop and sustain a competitive advantage and to enhance the likelihood of innovations' success in the market.
  • Balancing of innovation portfolios including in particular an evaluation of the current pipeline of ideas and innovations. This will ensure that innovations with truly disruptive potential are given the resources required to succeed, even though they change the risk profile of the whole portfolio.
  • Identifying areas of untapped potential to generate new growth with a medium-term perspective. This includes the facilitation of strategy development, as well as idea-management and condensation.

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