Technical and Commercial Evaluation

Our Due Diligence Programme supports the client teams in the evaluation, exploitation or acquisition of internally or externally developed technologies, based on an evaluation process successfully proven also in the venture capital industry. Typically, our evaluations are performed to secure the acquisition of R&D results from external sources; to assess the commercial potential of own, unused R&D results of our clients; to help research institutions in commercialising results from public R&D programmes; or to support corporate investors in the identification of promising investment opportunities.

The evaluation will provide

  • A deeper understanding of the business opportunity incorporated in a new technology or research result, in particular in concerning technical advancement, market opportunity, team and business idea, based on a SWOT analysis
  • A problem analysis related to the complexity of the intended commercialisation project
  • Detailed recommendations on how to proceed

Our evaluation methodology comprises a three-step approach including

  • A quick and short first evaluation to gain first insights in the SWOTs of the proposed business opportunity in terms of the two key dimensions "innovation and technology" and "market".
  • If this first evaluation is positive, it is followed by a workshop for an in-depth analysis of the business opportunity which is performed jointly with the research or entrepreneur team. The  workshop is based on the Logical Framework Analysis (LFA) concept, which is a well established methodology offering a structured and stepwise analysis of complex problems. We have tailored LFA to the specific requirements of business opportunity evaluation.  
  • The final evaluation includes both a qualitative assessment and a quantitative assessment based on a multi-criteria optimisation, and detailed recommendations to the client.

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